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I've always wanted to do a custom bullet lamp (I was planning to use a real big shell), but today I saw this on another lavalamp website I discovered today (but many here knows it) :

This lamp is the property of a certain Bohdan (I saw this name on some answers here but it seems all of his messages and pictures had been deleted, I guess there was a problem with him).


Is this a custom lamp, or is it a genuine Mathmos?


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Technically it's "giant jardiniere." A jardiniere is a plant stand. Those lamps were made by a competitor called Glitterama. They made two sizes, with a flared base and either a plain cap (bullet on large, conical with flat tip or bullet on small...I think?) or jardiniere cap (identical to base, flared with flat top). Glitterama claimed that, while the jardiniere models could hold a potted plant, the plain models shared a trait with the Astro Lite - that being that the lamp is 'charmingly useless.' I believe I've seen Glitteramas in black, silver, metallic red or blue, and possibly white? The 'giant' models use a Lunar globe.

ok, don't wanne insult anyone but no, the bullet is nothing like a jardiniere. it's a massive block of aluminium while the jardiniere is made of very thin metal. also the jardinieres with the flared tops/bases are not exactly the same on top and base.
the base has one ring where the bottle sits on and many(dont know if all) of the tops have two rings.
saw this on a few giant jardinieres...the small ones are identical I think.
as soon as someone really wants to replicate te bullet I'm willing to show all the info I got...same for the crestworth
wall sconce...got all measurements and detail pics...its an easy job to do!
but ad there have been sooo many brilliant plans on here which never got done in the end I dont see a point in searchin and sorting my pics and infos...nothing personal
Hi Arne I'm looking at getting a custom made mathmos bullet and I wondered if you new how to get hold the the measurements and pics inside the lamp base,If you could help that would be amazing!!
Many thanks.Paulb

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