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Mathmos Clear /White Astro bottles shipping within 3 weeks!

All you lucky customers LOL !! Here is email from Mathmos.

Thank you for your recent order of the special Astro Clear/White bottle(s). The limited run of this colourway has proven to be very popular and we are pleased with the positive response that was awarded. We are making these bottles to order so our filling team are now busy preparing these for our lucky customers. Your order is estimated to be shipped within the next three weeks. On the day of dispatch, you should expect to receive an email from the delivery carrier containing your tracking number and postage details.


We hope you enjoy your new Clear/White bottle as one of our fortunate collectors.

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Mathmos are the lucky ones becuase we put up with this shit. They need to pull their fingers out! 

What!?  They have their fingers lodge in the tops of those overpriced, under produced White/clear bottles of theirs!

Ive Bought Mathmos since early 90s and only had a few issues/faults over the years, if there so shit you arnt forced to purchase mathmos stuff could go for the china land fill lamps :-)

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