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Just an appeal for information to anyone who currently runs a Fluidium - what type of bulb are you using? I need a bulb for mine, but the half-chromed SES 'Golf ball' type bulbs it shipped with no longer seem to be available, and Mathmos will only sell halogen spotlight type bulbs, I tried fitting one of these, but found the bulb sits slightly lop-sided so that it is very close to the 'fins' around the aperture, and I don't want to risk frying the base.

Any help/ advice muchos appeciated!

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Cough *bump* cough...

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Thanks for the link, unfortunately I don't think those type of bulbs are suitable for my model - one of the later variants which wasn't issued with a glass heat shield. The bulb it shipped with was like a standard 'Golf ball' but with the lower half of the bulb chromed so the heat was directed upwards, apparently using the standard type can cause heat damage to the base.

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