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Hello everyone,

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find a clear answer. If I want to use a Mathmos Astro lamp in the US can I just use a UK to US travel adapter and a 110v bulb? Or do I need to get a voltage adapter or re-wire the lamp? Thanks in advance for any advice anybody can offer .

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Actually, you have several options. A lot of people choose to rewire the lamp with US wiring, and if the bulbs are the same wattage, it should work just fine. However, I generally choose to run the lamps on a step-up adapter, because I like my lamps to remain intact and original.

I'm sure this matmos is probably wired for UK outlets, so you will probably want something like this:


That one's a bit bulkier than the one I bought, but I haven't been able to find that one again yet. When I do, I'll link that one because it's smaller, and I can vouch for it working because I have one.

Trevor, I think your solution will work.  All you have to do really is supply the correct voltage for the bulb, the wiring of the lamp is just a conductor of the supplied electricity.  I do have to say that I'm not specifically qualified to answer questions on electricity though.  It does seem a much easier solution than using a transformer!

Thanks for the replies Loren and Keith.

If I choose to use a step-up transformer something like this should do the job right?


Step up convertor here for my mathmos and UK lamps.

Yes that is probably the best and safest option, i guess you could get a UK extion cable with multipal outlets and have the one converter running several UK lamps at once so saving on having to buy one converter per lamp if you get more.

Thanks again for the advice everybody.

I now have a Mathmos Astro lamp, and a step-up transformer. It looks great!

For anyone interested I found the lamp here:


And the step-up transformer here:


Here's some pics:

I have a question.  Just picked up the blue/blue/black jet off ebay for a great price.  It came with step up convertor.  Can I plug the convertor into a dimmer line, so would be dimmer line to convertor to lamp without any ill effect to convertor.  Anyone tried this, let me know guys, Thanks!


Saw a in line dimmer, 220v 250w on ebay that I can put on the jet electrical cord. Guess I will put that on and let you all know what happens.


You can cut/dim the power after the converter but not before.

Thanks for the input LampHead!

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