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what the hell is going on with this? Has anyone heard any news on when they are suppose to start selling to the states? This is becoming the equivalent of lava lite promising to fix their cheap lamps, its just never going to happen. (in our lifetime anyway....)

oh and I have what it takes to buy. ;-P

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I have but not about asking when they were going to start selling here. It was about getting a replacement part, it took a few attempts to get thru to them but eventually they did get back to me with really no help. They told me to contact this company in NJ about getting the part. I did but they are pretty useless too.

Thought I recognized that pic from somewhere! 

Autumn said:

I made the bisexual joke. :P

Anthony you need to try harder. Next time don't use a photo for your avatar that you had uploaded on your old account. I know you do not have anyone to talk to on your site, but please keep your drama to your own site. You are banned, bye.

Bye Anthony happy holidays!

Autumn said:

You are banned, bye.

awww you should've left his comments all they did was prove what troll he is :(

I did. He must have removed them himself.

If it flows nice... the fluid is clear... and is appealing to our selves and shelves..then its all good... We can have what ever lamps we chose   L.L,  Crestworth/ Mathmos even China if one so chooses.. ... See we are Lava Lamp Lovers... and True Collectors.. we are not lava lite snobs... or petty , spiteful nothing better to do trolls..

Is it so hard to engage on our forum in a way that is friendly and  CONDUCIVE to the site and other members.. ..so I am feeling you dont know what that means.. let me lead you to the water... it means..helpful, contributory and most importantly instrumental...All you have brought is ... Nothing... we roll our eyes at you and think... how pitiful you are .. well at least I do.. you must have a real joke of an existence to spend time here attempting to rattle cages.

We are a team of sorts here... and the most of us participate here in a way that is positive and helpful to other members..We are always learning, sharing and growing... I really hate to say this but you need to get some help and find some other site to take your problems out on...

I miss all the good stuff :(

lol yes you do, well there's always the next troll.....

LampHead said:

I miss all the good stuff :(

Hey dont I know you.....lol

ya you missed it.. we had deep fried troll last night for dinner..

okay.. the song from Queen comes to mind... bump bump bump.. Another one bites the dust... and another one gone ya another one gone..Another on bites the dust..     Hey were gonna get you to.. Another on bites the dust..

LampHead said:

I miss all the good stuff :(

this is true. I have many china ll that work great. It's just a hit and miss which sucks.
Autumn said:

Theres nothing wrong with having an interest in lava lite and mathmos.

I have ordered my first Mathmos from Electric Planet today. :)

When I get tax money back I'm getting some the led mathmos lamps!

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