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I would like your views on the quality of Mathmos lava. 

I have been reading lately that most of you feel that the quality of the lava has declined lately, in my opinion this is not the case. 

When I started collecting in 1997, i had quite a few problems with my bottles, namely a violet red which would not flow at all and lava with flaky bits in it especially the blue green and yellow orange. Also the telstar lamp would only pea shoot randomly and never flow properly.

I only have three lamps now. An astro, a telstar and a neo. 

The lava in these lamps flows beautifully, and they do everything theyre supposed to do, they blob, snake, serpentine and behave very nice indeed. In fact i want to buy more. I also think the halogen bulbs make the lamps flow better too. I have heard stories of overheating with these bulbs, but again I have not, but I do use a dimmer on the astro and the telstar. 

So what is your opinion of the flow of the newer bottles compared to the older bottles? Also what do you think of the color line up and  bottle  styles? Just curious really to know your stories. Thanks in advance. 

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Here is what is good and bad about their lineup.

Astro & Astro Baby - Using way too much chemical in the masterfluid that makes the lamp's wax break before reaching the top, so just throwing up blobs up and down. Dilute the masterfluid Mathmos, if I can do it, so can you, the lamps flow well after it, really well.

Whilst we are at it, get rid of whoever is making your glass bottles, the quality is shoddy, go back to the people who made them for you in the 1990s. 

Neo & Neo Wall - Don't waste your time buying them, the flow is utter garbage. The plastic coatings on the bottles are rubbish and age.

Fireflow - Great quality and flow.

Lunar bottles - Great quality and flow.

Bring back the Jet. Mathmos needs to listen to their customers, they have become overpriced, the quality isn't what it used to be and they need to be more humble.

The glass bottles I have bought recently have been excellent quality, very few air bubbles and nice and clear. I dont have a problem at all with the flow.
One of my biggest gripes is the white plastic bases are of poor quality, they let through a lot of light which is very distracting. I have modified my astro by painting the underside with a layer of thick black paint which you cant see but doesnt let through light. Much better.
also it will be interesting to see how they are going to power the older models now that halogen spot bulbs have been banned in eurooe and the UK. I think they will have to go onto the capsules, which havent been banned, to power these, we will see.
I am after a copper astro, so when I finally get it, I will let you know what the quality is like.

I think that the issue with gauging the quality on the flow is that we all have different opinions.

I personally like a slower more serpentine flow which Adara has described above. I'm not really a fan of the blobby flow which is similar to what lava lite produce.

I find their bottle quality to be a mixed bag; from all eras, I have had lamps that have been good and bad including bottle quality and the flow types. I've also had wax with bits floating in before. I have a Neo and Neo Wall which I was disappointed with the flow, so I have removed a small amount of master fluid and diluted with distilled water to improve it.

I have always found their bases etc to be of good quality and haven't had any issues.

I personally like their current line up however I am now bored of the bottles that they offer.

As has been mentioned by others before, I do agree that they are missing some colour from their line up such as the coloured jets and fluidiums they have offered in the past and also the rare coloured anodised models from the 90s. I find their models to be far more appealing than lava lite as I feel that the finishes look more sophisticated and better quality. Lava lite lamps look cheap and tacky in my opinion (no offence to those who like and collect them, they're just not to my taste).

I currently have over 30 lamps in my collection although most are second hand; the early crestworth era is my favorite including their glitter bottles.

I too really miss the glitter lamps. I wish they would bring them back. Also the neo needs a green variant. I would also like to see a yellow and a white astro bottle. Yellow would be nice on these cold winter nights.
I Also really like the quality of the bases, except for the plastic bottoms.
As I say i use a seperate dimmer on my lamps, this slows the flow without interfering with the contents which i dont as i like to keep my bottles as they were bought. This way I can keep my lamps going for as long as I want.
I once had a blue green astro with a large black blob of something floating sinisterly in my bottle. Long gone. Mathmos are really good at replacing bad bottles and rectifying their minstakes.

I agree on the mixed bag point of view. They always had good and bad bottles. Some of my jet bottles have so many bubbles in the glass that it really distracts from anything inside and some have none. They probly still dont have any quality control.

was a program on u.k telly last week showing the astro baby bottles being made and hand checked by hand for quality control, glass rise i havent had a problem for years, down side the flow tends to be blobs ( balls ) not stretchy type.

the new astro bottles dont sit on early bases thats a down side and you get less contents in the new bottles when used to refill original bottles, But when topped up with distilled water the flow goes how craven walker wanted, long stretchy shapes . id like to see yellow wax brought back in the astro and not just for the pretty in green thingy lamp, but all in all im still happy with the products but not the price hike aka brexit lets bump the price up :-/

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