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I have a lunar to be sold :

blue/green original combo (not a Mathmos replacement) so 75w bulb (get a 100w one for modern Mathmos replacement)
No cloudiness, no bubbles, no fumes, this grand'ma is rocking like a teenager !
The metal is all shiny.

I've cancelled the previous auction to match this Lunar with a flawless bullet head and it's Mathmos logo in red.

It is wired for european market but I can provide an UK adaptor.

Alas, for you there isn't any lift on place so I assume you'll be ok with shipping fees.
As prices are variable, please ask for yours (inevitably insured).

The first 2 pictures were from the previous ebay auction with bad cone, the new one is at the bottom.

actually listed on ebay ebay

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Hi there I wondered if you had anymore mathmos lunar lava lamps you wanted to sell? I'm in need of one,or if you had a lunar base and top you wanted to sell ?I have a paypal account to make a easy payment,please let me know you thoughts.Many thanks,Paulb
Hi I am interested in buying a lunar ASAP if you have any left or know someone that has let me know as I am very keen.



can you uploade the link to the ebay auction for it

well sorry but this one was sold a long time ago....

 Any still for sale ?

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