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Hi I have had my lovely lamp for over 15 years the top has a few dents which I would like to get out, anyone have the answers where to get this polished up, having trouble getting it off as the dents have made it get stuck.. thanks guys

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Hi Rebecca, what is your problem? You can‘t take off the cap from the bottle?
No it’s the cone am going to run it for a few hours to let it heat up, I think the dents are making it hard to get off, doing it up to sell it! I didn’t realise it’s worth until some kind chap pointed it out after I advertised it for a very cheap price

its probably difficult to get off due to vapor leakage

I find that if the screw cap was not competently tight, it will send out moisture at cap thus seizing the cap to the inside of the flitting that cradles the cap ( located on the inside of the cone)'

Dents are difficult to get out unless your an experienced metal worker, it can costs almost as expensive as a replacement lamp.

Painting or chroming is an option

For chrome, they melt and apply led filler, sand , polish, copper plate, sand, polish again,then chrome 

when i got my lunar new from mathmos back in the late 90s the cone top was glued with a rubbery stretchy glue, i had to get a very thin blade under the cone lip and slide it up and around the bottle to split the glue

id forgot the screwed bullet tip on top of the cone been years since i had the lamp, remember unscrewing it and the screw was stuck on the bottle cap

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