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Greetings all from the land down under. This is my first time on the site and i'm on a mission. I have just purchased a beautiful Lunar lamp but alas the bulb housing has at some time been wet and it has corroded to the point of no return (the rest of the lamp is perfect). I contacted Mathmos and they said that they don't have any parts for it and suggested I join this group in an attempt to find one. Can anyone out there please help me? Cheers... Dave.

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its a standart ceramic e27 socket. you can find it in any hardware store. if you live were no hardware store has ever been yet I could send you one.

Thank you Arne, they are the old black Bakelite type. I could only find the plastic or ceramic fittings over here. I was lucky enough to have someone from Mathmos email me about one that was on Ebay in the antique electrical section and it was just what I needed. Whats even better is that last night I bought it for $14. I'm so happy that I will now be able to get the Lunar up and running. Thank you for your kind offer but I am now set. I will post a photo once it going... Cheers mate and all the best... Dave.

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