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GOOLAMP XXL Bottle suitable for Mathmos Lunar Lava lamp

New bottles are made and ready for shipping.

Empty Bottle:
287,41 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
259,74 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
289,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

297,31 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
268,70 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
299,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

Shipping examples:
USA: ~70,00 USD
UK: 18.80 GBP
Germany: 6,99 Euro

Glitter Filling Kits:
You can even buy the bottle ready with a GlitterKit.
138,74USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping  
125,39 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
139,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

178,38USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
161,21GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
179,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

You can order the bottles in my new onlineshop, or via PM here in OozingGoo.

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Hi Marcel that's amazing!!! Very cool,let me know when you need the money,I live in the UK,so let me know about delivery cost too,UPS or however you think is best price and safest way to get to me.im at home most Mondays and Tuesdays so those are the best days to have timed to get to me,hopefully that helps you.many thanks agin.Paul

Ooops, I lost this thread (sorry)...am i too late to get a bottle?  Did you guys receive them?  How do they look?  I wanted a bottle, coil and closure system.

I still have one bottle for sale ;-) The others got their bottles already.

I'm still interested if you have one.

Maybe i will start the production of a new batch.

So if anybody is interested, you should message me very soon :-)

Hi Marcel.
I would like one. .
George S,

Ok i think we have at least 3 people now.

So if anybody here is interested too, you should message me now.

I dont know if this will be the last production or if we reach the goal of three people again in the Future ;)

I have now:

- Jethro

- Verax

- George S.

Yes, I'm still in.

Hi Marcel, I'm new here on oozinggoo, but have already stumbled upon your phenomenal lunar bottles, and the photos of your impressive collection, downright spectacular, makes me wish I had spent more time and effort, but better late than never.By the way, I'm from Germany too, but for the sake of good manners I'll keep this in english, as this is a mostly english speaking audience. I want one of the new batch, too. Feel free to call me 04103/15570, I would be glad to get one of those gargantuan bottles, i sincerely hope I'm not too late. Having visited this site from time to time, i only recently signed up, mere days ago, but i have read about your lunar xxl batches before. What a great idea, and kudos for you making it come true. (and not only once)

have you any left?

I did not start a new production jet.

If we find three people here who want one, i can get a new batch produced.


Looks very interesting...
Any idea how much it will cost to transport to The Netherlands.. ??


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