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GOOLAMP XXL Bottle suitable for Mathmos Lunar Lava lamp

New bottles are made and ready for shipping.

Empty Bottle:
287,41 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
259,74 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
289,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

297,31 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
268,70 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
299,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

Shipping examples:
USA: ~70,00 USD
UK: 18.80 GBP
Germany: 6,99 Euro

Glitter Filling Kits:
You can even buy the bottle ready with a GlitterKit.
138,74USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping  
125,39 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
139,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

178,38USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
161,21GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
179,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping

You can order the bottles in my new onlineshop, or via PM here in OozingGoo.

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Great!! we could maybe give a few more days and see if anyone is interested ?How does it work regarding payment for the bottles? Paul

I used a goo kit for the bottle you can see on this topic and the standard 100W bulb.

Later i tested a PAR 30 120W Halogen Spot which heated up the lamp a little quicker, but the flow was the same.

Timo used Mathmos liquids and the flow is really cool too:

Payment will be with paypal i think. Its the fastest and easiest way.

And for sure first the payment and than i will oder the bottles at the company.

wow, that's sweet!

Cool let me know as and when payment is needed.Paul

Mh? I mean a normal (but bigger) spring like in every lava lamp.

Ok at this time i only see two people want a Lunartube:

- Critter

- PaulB

We need three people... Or did i forget one?

Hi Marcel I thought there were 3 of of us that wanted a XXL lunar bottle? Or was there just Critter and me? Confused :-/


The bottle hase a diameter of 140mm, but the bottom part of the bottle which goes inside the base is a little less than 140mm... its 139mm.140mm will not fit in the base. This is the expensive part ;)

The bottle is 650mm tall. This will give you a total size of 115cm for the whole Lunar Lamp.

Here a picture, where you can see this a little bit:

And the Coil is a stainless steel spring:

The closing System looks like this, but this time it will be the aluminium version:

That's great Marcel thank you for the information and pics,do you know when your be able to order the bottles?
Many thanks.Paul

Ok i am on contact with the company now and they will start the production very soon.

I will oder the closing systems and coils too in the next few days.

I think the bottles will be ready for shipping arround the 15 August or end of August.

Fantastic,thank you for letting me know and also thank you for taking the time to sort the bottles out.
Thank you again.Paul

Ok guys. The bottles arrived and they look really well made.

I will order the closing systems now and will build the heating coils. I will message you for the payment.

I ordered 6 bottles and 3 are still for sale... so if anybody want one.. i think this will be the last chance to get one :)

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