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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the site, as I need some advice.


I finally got my hands on a Mathmos Lunar yesterday - as you may imagine, I was soooo chuffed! However, after watching it for several hours yesterday (when I should have been concentrating on coursework!), there are some things that make me a tad suspect that it's fake!?!?


1) The cable is white, as is the variable dimmer switch.

2) The fins on the base that are attached to base of the main body have not been welded - they look like they've been attached from the inside, so each fin has a rather obvious gap at the seam...


If there's an expert on here, please ease my mind and tell me it's fine! It has Mathmos stickers on the dome and the base, but other pictures of Lunar's look different at the attachment of the fins.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated!



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Never seen one with a Crestworth stamp before..
Oops! You're right - no stamp.....could have sworn it had something on it.
A quick recce this morning and all I can find is a Mathmos sticker - damn!

One photo attached - taken just now, just to prove it's real. Not fired up - but what can you expect at 8.45 AM!
hi, i would like to add my lunar has a sticker INSIDE the base with creastworth trading ltd and dated i think 09/09/1991 also the base is thicker than the newer ones also the underside of the feet are solid as it seems unless im wrong newer ones have two or three small holes and this was covered with the green velvet covering, also the legs are finished slightly different and mine also has white wire black dimmer thats also slightly different design.

cheers D
Hi, don't worry about white cabled Lunar's, mine is a white cabled variety. Interesting to note they where the first Lunar's.

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