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Was thinking of buying a really large lamp, was thinking of buying a colossus from lava world, but after hearing comments about quality, I have thought better of it, and as I live in UK, Mathmos would (or should) be easier to get hold of.

I asked Mathmos via email about the monster, but no reply.  I know its not released yet but you would have thought they would have replied.


Anyone have anymore info, I have seen details in the link above, but it gives no detail about size, cost etc..

Please, please can anyone help, have pics, or visited their London (Huxton shop) where the lamps are surposed to be displayed?

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Hi Marcel thank you, really appreciate the prompt reply and link, missed that discussion, thanks very much. I want one of those towers for sure. Like a Mathmos Fireball lamp (modern princess), that I owned some years ago.
Hi, my Fireball was a red/violet model. I bought it second hand from a guy in Bournemouth Dorset area from ebay many years ago. I was told when purchasing it that it had gone back to Mathmos factory (local for the guy I bought it off) and had a refill with the soft wax inside. It was lovely but a move forced sale, sold it to a guy in Edinbourgh, Scotland.
I basically want to get rid of smaller lamps I have, and keep one lava lamp (monster hopefully), and one big glitter lamp that I have, grande (non Mathmos). Sort of a less is more attitude I have at the moment, and why keep lamps your not appreicating, when someone else can, as space is now an issue, and electricity prices of running these things too. I am not really appreciating the lamps I have as due to space some are in boxes most of the time. Also flat is modern, I am going for a minimalistic look, how stunning a feature lamp, like the Monster would look in the corner of my lounge, can't wait, but have to raise the cash and get selling.
I want to put the cash raised toward a monster, Just keep my lamp collection to that, oh how I long to get one, hopefully before the VAT increase in the UK on the 1st January 2011.
Really appreciate the info and the updates Astrobaby, thanks in advance for anymore info you are able to give me/us.
P.S picture attached, from another site, but the lave fireball in the top right corner was the actual one I bought. Image is from another lava lamp site, but this was the image used on Ebay listing when I purchased it.
Got to be honest guys, don't know guys details now as sold it quite a few years ago, on Ebay.
Transporting the lamps wasn't bad to be honest, at that stage I think I only had a Ford Fiesta.
I wrapped the full bottle in a blanket, and placed in the foot well behind passenger seat, and used bungie straps to fasten to the back seat. It got down to Cornwall no probs with the base in the back of the car. you have to keep them upright as lamp had no fastened cap, it had a glassround disc that fitted on the top, much like the water bubble towers do.
I did the same when I sold it, and met the buyer on the motorway, and we met up an he transported it the same way.
In a way I regretted getting rid of it, however I like my lamps perfect, and the base wa OK, but one or 2 scratches. Wish I had it resprayed at a local garage now, and kept it.I am not sure if its true or not, but heard that only 10 Fireballs were ever made. I bought it for £500.00 and think I got £600.00 for it when I sold it
I so want a monster, hope to get one before Christmas if possible, what a wonderfull thing to brighten up those winter days.
Thanks again for all the info guys.
Hi Richard, yep I am hoping the monster satisfy my withdrawl symptoms, not owning a large lava anymore. I have a Lunar still, with 7 bottles, including an amber glitter bottle.
I am awaiting the monster with baited breath, an look forward to any info you guys are able to give us, when and if you are able to find out anything.
Hope they are not just for companies etc.. or just for hire.
I have to say that I wouldn't have thought a company would bother to make a lamp like a monster and put the trouble into making it if they were not going to market it and try to sell as many as they can, especially in a resession. I also agree I am bored of the red/violet combo. Just realised the other day Mathmos also have stopped blue wax, what a shame loved the blue. The one I have to say I really dislike is the green wax, not keen on that at all. Be great if they would let custmers pic the colours they want, as its such an expensive lamp. I have to say I do like clear liquids too.
Better stop rambling, thanks again guys.
Thanks for all the comments.
Hi Marcel,did you mean sad? Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay at the time, and this was quite a number of years ago. I bought for £500, so wasn't a bad profit after about 2 years of ownership. People say that Princess's were sold for £1,000 on Ebay, so I guess £600.00 wasn't bad for a much later lamp than the Princess. It was worth every penny, and gave me a lot of pleasue. PRICELESS.
Great to hear all your comments

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