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May be the first Neo on American shores.

Special thanks to the one who helped getting it here. (You know who you are)

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What other colors would people like to see in these? An older Crestworth color I'd love to see return is red lava, pale blue liquid.

Hi Claude!  I use forward2me as my UK address and shipper.  It is cheaper for multiple purchases as they are willing to repackage the lot together.  Mine's on the way to forward2me and still debating the metallic Astro.  (Hubby's going to divorce me if I pack any more Lava lamps for the move to Ohio!!!)
Claude J said:

zI used ebay on my first one,

Who did you use for third party purchase/shipping service?

Might be cheaper for multiple purchases


The metallic astro (BOTH OF THEM) are definitely on my wish list

Mine's on the way!
Kelly, which color base and bottle did you go with? I got a silver base and two bottles -- red/red and turquoise/violet.

I went with the copper base with the violet and turquoise globe.  I also ordered the metallic Astro with the red globe!

Excellent choices! I actually just ordered a Metallic Astro as well. I went with the blue globe on that.
Can't wait to see pics! Who do you use as a shipper?
I made a friend in the UK that helps me get my Mathmos lamps. :)
Is the shipping reasonable? Forward2me seems to be okay. Not too much more than I've paid before.
The shipping usually ranges between $30 and $40 US Dollars. Considering the distance the items actually travel, I guess that really isn't too bad.

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