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Hello to all the Mathmos fans, I wanted to share what I received today. 2 Mathmos Fluidium never opened since their launch in 2000.

I was shivering while opening the parcel, bubble wrap and then ..... The different pieces of the Fluidium

You can imagine that feeling right ?

It's not like opening a collector one alreaday used before, It was never opened, never used before me ... 19 years after they come alive.

I decided to open only one today, the OPAL one.

The wax is still cold but I am waiting, I did not know the bulb was blue either.

After so many years of watching the Fluidiums on the net and now open a brand new one is just a strange feeling going through my body, My heart is beating louder and my hands are still shivering.

Maybe I am crazy to feel that feeling don't you think ?

I wanted to share that unboxing with you :)

Hope you will love it as much as I do.

Thank you


Sam from France

I don't know how to send pictures :(

it says Sorry, files need to be under MB, and they are

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Anyone interested?


All gotta go.


Ahh the excitement. It’s a nice feeling.

Kaia is king of the Flueys.

Hahaha. thanks

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