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hi guys, just come back from a holiday to poole so whilst i was there i paid a visit to the mathmos factory, got some good information to, there exhibition is going to be good they have a couple of lamps on show there that are absolutley fantastic,huge things that dreams are made of, i also saw a test bottle of the new lamps that are being launched at there exhibition and the are very cute, and the fluid is crystal clear

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"they have a couple of lamps on show there that are absolutley fantastic,huge things that dreams are made of"

New lunar type lamp?
no even bigger than a lunar
Can you tell us more elaboration. Thank you. We are very interested.
its not a new line or anything its lamps that the owner of the factory found in her loft, one is a princess and the other is called a fireball the later must be at least 6 feet tall, i still havent stopped drooling over it
the lamps were empty, and the owner of the factory, a lady i belive, found them in her loft, it was defo a princess and the fireball was a giant rocket which was at least foot taller than the princess, it had red legs, a white and blue checked base and a silver topi did get a quick snap of it on my phone wen no one was looking ill see if i can get it on ere
I'm off to Poole in Sept. Can't wait!
here goes tryin to upload pics
Amazing! Thank you!

when you visited Mathmos factory in Poole, could you take a look at the workers filling the bottles?
Did they wear protective clothing like gloves or a mask or something?
I wonder if it's a good idea to do exchange of the fillings or other work on lava-lamps in my kitchen and the basin of my kitchen... where I also prepare my food.

Fireballs are super-rare. They made two big lamps: the Fireball (rocket) and an unnamed store display with a plain cylinder shape, a round flat disk at the bottom for stability, and the same globe.

Do you know if they have any plans to refill those two?

Hi Chris do you know when the mathmos exhibition going to take place and what were the test bottle like that you saw? Paul

Mathmos Exhibition? Where? When?

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