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I still maintain that the Pretty Green lamps are fairly underwhelming, as special editions go,  but on the plus side it does have a nice box and does bring some potentially interesting new colourways, while not being that much more expensive than the standard Astro.

So.. what do you think?


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Its got to be the laziest special edition ever. Just a standard astro base and cap with a fancy logo on the bottle. A few new colourways? I dont think blue and orange go together, and the blue pink will be just like the astrobaby variant. 

OK so there is a fancy box with a numbered sticker on it, i mean who is going to display their box? Most people just trash their boxes. It doesnt work for me at all. 

How about some new initiatives. Colourful bases and bottles to match. Come on big M you can do so much better than this!

Whatis next years special edition going to be? Pretty green x Mathmos 3? Doesnt anyone else want to work with Mathmos? 

I think blue and orange will be amazing together as they are opposite colors on the color wheel, there will be a real visual pop when that globe is flowing. I am passing on the Pretty Green edition but would definitely be interested in that bottle combination. 

problem is they dont do the "pretty green" colours in standard bottles aka you can only get them if you buy the whole lamp :-(

Their was a thing on their older pretty green listing, that said to contact them to get replacement pretty green bottles, however, I phoned them and they said No to me in no uncertain terms, quite rudely in fact. So as you said it is doubtful you will ever get a replacement bottle from them.
However, it is very easy to get the tops off and swap the master fluid over, if you want some different combos. I now have a clear orange and a violet turquoise baby bottles by doing that.

Its pink and yellow actually. It is very nice and bright yellow like the fluidium. Im a big fan of orange so might get the blue orange, only might tho.

I would love to get the blue/orange but I’m in the US and they won’t ship over here.  You guys in the UK are lucky. 


use this service:   www.forward2me.com

Sign up, establish your UK mailing address and have Mathmos deliver to the UK address.  Forward2me.com then sends it on to you. 

Thanks for the info, Critter. I signed up and order the mathmos lamp. Well see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed!

Well I ordered the blue/pink lamp which was supposed to be delivered today. I have been diligently tracking and looking outside for the lamp. It was supposed to be delivered by DHL... I looked at the tracking and it said it was delivered 3 minutes ago. I ran outside and no package. There was no knock at the door for a signature. I called DHL and they filed a claim but said I wouldn't hear back until Friday Ah! I'm so annoyed!

Get on to Mathmos as well. They shoukd despatch another if yours has gone missing. They are usually very good like that. Best of luck anyway.

The blue orange is already showing as out of stock. Shame I was quite warming to one. 

So you too can win Number 1 Pretty Green limited edition lava lamp. Great! Unless of course you are not shackled to FB then you cannot. Mathmos and Pretty Green this is shambolic. I will never be a part of FB spy network! EVER! 

I was going to buy one. Now I will not. 

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