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Just a bit of a warning to Mathmos collectors - noticed on the facebook page they have announced that the prices of several lamps (Astro, Astrobaby and Neo) are to increase in the UK as of next week...

Pretty disappointing that Mathmos lamps are becoming increasingly un-affordable, they were always fairly expensive, but now it just seems to be getting ridiculous, and now they only sell directly there's not even a chance of even being able to get one on sale at John Lewis or the like.


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And with the intentions of our US president to start taxing the hell out of incoming goods to the country there is no way in hell we will ever see a truce between Lava and Mathmos. I forsee a lot of US made products skyjacking the price as well...since we are so good at making goods and electronics with US components... goodbye sub $700 4k T.V. sets.

Not long now...

Wonder if it applies to the Heritage Astro - kind of want one, but not in any of the current colourways

Yeah prices hiked up yesterday. The astro from 68 to 75. The heritage and copper 74 to 80. The Neo 68 to 70. And the metallic 78 to 85.

So not just a little hike but a biggy. Astro bottles are also now £30 each. 

They really need to up their game if they expect us to buy from them. No more shoddy bottles, scratched bases and cheap plastic legs uggggh!!

personally the way they are going, I dont expext them to be around in 10 years time.

If these lamps are truly british then why the price hikes? It is only imports from outside of the UK that should warrant a price increase......

Not Happy!

Got a new Astro recently, while the metalwork seems well finished, the  plastic forming the underside of the base looks pretty shoddy, with rough edges - much worse than my older Astro from around 2000, and to think they now cost nearly double what they did back then


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