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I don't know how true this is of if anyone else has heard about it but apparently Mathmos is re-releasing the lunar but slightly re-modeled. The same height and bottle but the base to be slightly re-designed and I am assuming the same finish and electronics etc.

I heard this from a fellow collector who I meet today when I brought a grande off him, he is from Poole and has only Mathmos / Cretsworth lamps so I don't think this is a false claim.
I think this is interesting as its about time Mathmos released a collector edition lamp and kept up its lava products.
However there has been no news on the Smart Astra - weather that is still in re-development or has been stopped I don't know.

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That's a very good question Bill. This may be the case given the traditional lightbulb ban situation..

Bill Smith said:

Having just brought my first Lunar I hope they decide do some more colour ways. Especially if they use the same bottle I would love them to do a glitter or metallic bottle too so you can use them on the original lunar. But I wonder if they will go with the new to be released smart Astro  technology with an in line dimmer and bottle with the same colour changing wax? Look forward to seeing the new lunar and the price they intend to sell it for.

I think i need to open up a thread in Club Lunar. open to all Lunar nutters!

Oliver Cunningham said:

i think i nearly wet myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want i want tell us more please!!! I have 5 original lunars and am a wee bit obsessed!!!!

Any further news?

How do we find out more - is there a special "mathmos club"?

I don't know any further news about the new Luner but acording to the Mathmos websight - smart astro orders will be send at the end of October

Also it looks like the Fludium isent going to be discontinued :)

Simon Lloyd said:

Any further news?

How do we find out more - is there a special "mathmos club"?
I'd just be happy when mathmos starts selling to the U.S. :)
I can't get them to give me any answers on that one. I write on their FB wall and they just flat-out ignore me. Nice customer service Mathmos! 

Dr. WHAT?! said:
I'd just be happy when mathmos starts selling to the U.S. :)

go figure..... lol

Yeah, and how do you operate a Facebook page and not answer polite questions about your sales? It's not like there's a ton of stuff on their page to keep up with! 

James Reiche said:

I have never seen a company so unwilling to make more money like Mathmos -  lol

If I was manufacturing and selling products - I would want to sell to everyone that I could, and I would not ignore the largest consumer Country in the world!

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