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I bought second hand projector on eBay. I though is was going to be perfect as the lava lamp I have but it didn't. Can someone address my questions regarding projector's behaviour?

1. It has some darker area in the middle of the projection. It's not too dark, but It is there. Lenses are clean and transparent.

2. It doesn't give me perfectly sharp image. Sharpness is not the same in different parts of the projection.

3. How the lenses inside the system should be placed? Mine are flat side to the lamp.

The construction of the projector is pretty simple so my thoughts are that the unit is ok, but who knows.

Mathmos declined all my questions.

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Hi there. I have a projector and will try to answer your questions as best i can. 

1. You should not have any dark parts to the projection. Try it with anotber disk to see if the problem persists. If not it may be the internal lenses. I have never taken mine apart so im not sure how they should sit inside. Try googling some images to see if that helps. 

2. The lenses are rubbish cheap and nasty. Becuase of this they never produce a totally uniform image. Basically they are for kids bedrooms and sensory rooms. Forget it for professional use, too cheap and nasty. 

3. I am pretty sure the lense should sit flat and not to the side so it may need aligning properly. Matmos will not answer your questions on these because a. They dont make them and b. Their customer service for out of warranty products is appauling. 

Anyway hope this helps. Best of luck to you. 

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