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are these rechargeable or only mains opperated? as in have to be plugged in the mains all time to use? , as for my dead smart astro still waiting to hear if they can repair it, been nearly 3 weeks and i miss it :-(

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Hi Johnny, Yes its mains only but uses exactly the same adaptor as the Blob & Flow so you could also power it from a USB port if you could get hold of the correct cable.
Or at least something BIG like the faze 3....not small junk which ends up in some drawer after about a week.

Crestworth Limited said:

Yawn...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Sorry dropped off, more LED rubbish to send us to sleep, PLEASE Mathmos we want Lava and Glitter, not rechargable rubbish...

An other LED lamp which nobody really wants :/




check out their latest LED mood lights


100% mains only

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