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hello,I'm from asia and have this is my frist time to buy uk lamps.

I'm considering to order a small (for testing) a mathmos fireflow replacement bottle from electricplanet.com,to replace one of my small lava lamp globe / my custom lamp. (I never run my lamp until 6-8 hour straight,so it's ok to overheat)

Anyone from asia received a cloudy mathmos ?

Will the lamp going to be clear again when running ?

and is it worth buying (for testing ) ?

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What are you using the fireflow globe (bottle) for as I believe that the fireflow formula is slightly different from the standard formula so it could be a idea to get a astrobaby bottle as there is more there then a fireflow and probably more cost effective.

With Mathmos lamps you wont get a cloudy one at all - I have got Mathmos lamps and only 1 which was cloudy and that was a well used 2nd hand one. The ones you get from Mathmos are good quality and will be completely clear while running and when cool as long as you don't change the formula, shake the bottle or run it too long etc.

I think that for testing it really depends on what you want to do with it. - If your just using as a fluid transfer then that's fine but if your going to use the globe only or to experiment with then i would suggest buying a cheap lamp.

As for Electric Planet they are highly recommended, most of the US guys on hear have used them to get Mathmos lamps from.

Where in Asia are you?


Anyway,thx for the info!

Just for ask.I hope it won't get cloudy.

I want a fireflow globe because they're quite short and small,I want to make a custom small lamp from it.

(but a cheap lamp often cloudy.hard to find clear ones here.)

Which country?
err..Indonesia.Why ?

I have to disagree with that.

I ordered a purple fireflow which arrived clouded.

Tim Gill said:

With Mathmos lamps you wont get a cloudy one at all

Tim i received my mathmos fireflow cloudy.. 

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