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Hi everyone:

What a great website. I'm a bit new to collecting Lava Lamps. The past week, I ordered a large Grande Lava from Amazon. Purple with orange yellow wax. I had a hunch from previous experiences that the water would be very cloudy. Sure enough, it was. I was so disappointed. But I got to researching and discovered that Mathmos is selling in the U.S. now, but they don't have any Lava Lamps in stock now and won't be expected for 3 weeks :-(

I fell in love with the Telstar and how absolutely clear videos of their water looks. I came across a light firm in Denmark on Youtube with a neon Telstar (light green water with orange or reddish wax). I called up Mathmos today and they said they never sold such a model. Maybe the firm in Denmark colored the video ;)

I'm willing to pay more for my Lava Lamp, and I just wondered what the experiences have been with Mathmos lamps, I never see any complaints about them.

Thanks so much ;)

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I would think that anything on their website that had a price under the item would be good to go, (e.g. both fireflows). I would buy both Fireflows right now, even though some people say they are junk, but you can't. I would take my chances, but you can't even order.

telemann said:

I talked to them two days ago. They are expecting Astros and Telestars in 2 to 3 weeks.

Mattmos said:

I would love to find out the quality of Mathmos USA, when they open. Does anyone know the opening date of the website? Waiting for my tax return is slow. Watching a slug leave a slime trail is slower, but Mathmos USA, well you get the point.

I also forgot to mention that when I bought my fluidium it came in a brown box with no graphics. Both the globe and the base came in astro bottle boxes, they didn't even fit properly. -.-

That sounds proper dodgey - when i got my fludium it came in a mathmos box and all items boxed and bagged as you would expect and that fludium is completely fine.

When I got my fludium globe this came packed in a mathmos fludium bottle box and bagged etc.

I have had no issues with both my fludiums.

I have two UK Smart Astros that I've been conditioning for several weeks.  The liquid is clear not cloudy but does have a few smart artifacts in it.

The goo seems grainy and not as uniform as I would hope.  It also seems to have a narrow window of operation...between when it's properly warmed up and it starts breaking into smaller blobs that live at the top.

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