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On a whim, I sent a message to Mathmos US asking about the Fluidium Lamp and it's COMING SOON status on the website for AT LEAST a year now!

This is the response I got : 

I had a talk with the staff yesterday about the volume of customers asking about 
The US Fluidium lamps.
I was SURE to ask that they be put on the order.
They should be in within the month.
If not sooner.
All the best.

We shall see.......won't we?    :)

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I suppose you are right about that, Trevor.  I am looking at pictures and trying to figure out all these different lamps.  I sort of like most of them.  :-)    As long as they are not cloudy...


Pardon, Moi, Neil.....and your mention above of the Grande and your place of abode was what?  Fluidium?   I'm a newbie and don't know these things........Pfffftt 

Anyone else think the fluidium looks dildoish? (Back on topic)

I think for the most part the disappointment stems from Mathmos saying they would release lamps to the U.S. market that never took place, or only in a limited way.  The Mathmos US web page was up and running for a long time before any links took you to an active order page.  It was kind of like someone offering a kid a cookie and getting them all excited, then not having any cookies!  I think everyone here will concede that Mathmos is superior in quality and has very good customer service.  Not everything they sell will be perfect and neither will their customer service, so there are those who have difficulties.  And then there is the cost factor for a lot of people.  It is easier to justify spending $25 as opposed to $130.

Phishy Lava said:

Question for Erin (or whoever has an opinion!)........just out of curiosity, in relation to all the disappointment surrounding Mathmos, is it the QUALITY of their items everyone is disappointed with?

Or is it more disappointment over their business practices? Like customer service, US pricing, US availability (or lack thereof), poor communication with enthusiast community, etc..........???

Like Marleys Ghost, I recently took the plunge and bought a US Telstar, and aside from the price, I think it looks & runs GREAT!

......but maybe i'm just a lava noob & don't know any better!!!!!!   :(

ROFLOL, Trevor!  That remark made my day.  But now that you mention it, the Fluidium (back on topic) does look like something I saw in the window of a "particular type establishment" that was closed down by our city commissioners due to public outrage.  LOL 

Keith, I am disappointed I had to spend so much for my Telstar, but I am happy with it just to be able to acquire a quality made lamp that I really like.  It being already wired for US current was another perk for me.  I would love to have a few Fluidiums, but don't know if that will ever happen from reading all the discussions here.    

Why do you think I want one?!?!  :-) Kidding, but it sounded good.
Metallica man Trevor said:

Anyone else think the fluidium looks dildoish? (Back on topic)

Neil, that is one reason I love my Telstars, I immediately noticed the opaque look and fluidity of the lava.  They are fascinating to watch.   I do not have a Fluidium to compare, but think I would prefer orange too.  These are much different than my "small" collection of US lamps.   Only my old (and free) Wizard flows as well, but the lava does not have the fluid and opaque look of the Mathmos lamps.  Actually, I would flip to have a collection of Fluidiums and Jets of all colors!  

And yes, you DID mention Fluidium in your post.  I hope you will accept my apology for being snappish. I thought you were  being too picky.   I have a 15 year old (rescued at 8 weeks old from a puppy mill) pup with congestive heart failure, who is very sick. My mood was not optimal.  
Neil said:

Haha yeah they do look like dildo's if you wanna look at it that way. But in actuality they're supposed to be a complete lava blob shape. The orange fluidium is my favourite it seems to be more opaque than my others. The base & cap are truly beautiful. I think they should make a blue. Also I think making a bulb shield that stops so much light leakage would make them more appealing. Sometimes of an evening mine can be blinding and obscures the feature of the lava motion. I would like to see someone use one as a dildo Ouch! At least they'd have a dutch cap in place afterwards! ?..........

Thank you so much, Neil, it is heartbreaking, and I am so sorry about your Bonnie, but am happy she had a wonderful 14 years with you.  We have been through this 9 times in 20 years, and still have 2 pups left.  All are/were rescues and they are like our children, which I am sure you know.  When my babies are sick, so are my nerves because I feel helpless. 

The Telstar is the only Mathmos I have, but I do have 3 of them, I didn't know where else to get the others like Fluidiums, Astro babies and such.  My collection is not large, but has a good start.  I do have two Jets coming, which I bought from a very nice man on this site, also from the UK.  I can't wait to get them, but will have to re-wire before getting to enjoy them fully!  Thanks for your understanding, and I too am wishing you much Peace and Happiness!     

Neil said:

I'm so very sorry. I know what its like having a poorly dog. My dog Bonnie died after a lengthy battle with lymphatic cancer. She did just make it to 14. I hope yours lives a lot longer. I too love my telstar. I have just the one but have about 8 astro babys. 2 fluidiums and 15 astro's. Good luck with your collecting sounds like youve got some wonderful lamps. Peace and happiness to you. 

The new ones use the halogen reflectors so there is much less light leakage. I'd like to see a turquoise, pink clear globe and purple base. But with existing, the green base with orange/purple globe is my fav set up so far. Closely followed by yellow on the green base

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