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Prices are up too, but it says "coming soon".

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Oooooooooooooooooooooh. Oooh!

Look here - blue/blue: http://mathmos.us/astro-baby-lava-lamp-white-p-5687.html

I want that one!

Hmm… I don't see any blue/blue on the Astro Baby page right now. I also don't see any color selection on the Smart Astro page. I guess they're still working on a few of the details.

That said, this is great news! My wallet is not going to be happy once ordering goes live.

Time to start buttering up friends and family with hints for birthday gifts (October) and Christmas :D


Excellent, thanks for posting.

WOW! I thought we never see the day! I'm really excited about this and Free shipping on orders over $100 which means a smart astro will cost $127 rather then $172 form electric planet.

Come to think of it, will the smart astro be wired for US plugs?!

I would assume all stuff is wired for the US on this site. 

I was just doing some converting of the UK Mathmos lamp prices. And the prices of the USA Mathmos lamps are only about $5 dollars more than the UK prices. I just wonder how much the S/H prices will be from New York.

I think I read shipping will be $9, per their site. 

If you add something to your cart and view it. it tells you the shipping costs. Free shipping on order of $99 or more and $7.99 for any orders under $99. Which is amazing and way cheaper then Electric Planet! I already convinced the GF that I need a smart astro lol

$9 S/H isn't bad at all, and I would be willing to pay more if it meant for safer shipping. So far, the Fluidiums, Fireflow R1, Fireflow 01 and the Astrobaby white on the US site are actually cheaper than the UK site, so far.  

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