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Prices are up too, but it says "coming soon".

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read up one thread I listed the shipping costs.

I just read it. That's great with the free shipping on orders over $99. Buy one or two lamps and you're there. And who can buy just one thing from Mathmos US when it opens? It's a candy/toy store for adults.  

Dr. WHAT?! said:

read up one thread I listed the shipping costs.

exactly! And I noticed that they have a replacement part category too, so hopefully I'll be able to get my O1 replacement finally.

What happened with your 01? The GF wants me to get one of those when they open. 

Broken glass cylinder.

Ooooh, do you think they'll sell the Lunar on the US site!??!?!? Then I could finally get one!!!

What did the lunars cost when they were first released?

:drool: I want one. 

Man, to get a Lunar would probably be my Holy Grail of lamps. Those things are as big as a Grande. SWEET!!

The waiting for the site to go live is going to kill me. And yes, a Lunar would be awesomesauce. 

 I think you can order 5 of the bottom 6 lamps but not the top 3. If you can add it to your cart now, you can buy it.

 They will all be wired for 120v US electric, the Smart Astros already came with a multi volt input transformer that works almost anywhere.

 Welcome Mathmos !!

I wonder if that's a fluke that you can order some, but not all of their lava lamps. Anyone tried to complete an order?

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