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Have this listed for $125 on ebay but the offer here is $110 + shipping.

Ebay Listing with more Pictures

The base and bottle are original matching set; the original wax was shot so I mixed some 90's red and yellow wax together to create the orange wax pictured.

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Nice job and this is a beautiful lamp 

Thanks Kristen - I learned a lot but will post that in a different thread in case someone else is looking to refurb one of these bottles in the future!

I have been running it nightly to make sure that it flows well consistently.

I was finally able to post on the forum and I am willing to pay ur asking price of $110 plus shipping.  Sorry for all the hassle.

Jared - I am sorry but someone bought the lamp for full price on ebay the night before you posted here, actually 2AM EST.

Not trying to create any negativity, just asking a question: You hit me up over 6 times trying to get me to accept a lower offer so you obviously wanted the lamp pretty bad. I kept telling you that I was willing to wait for full price and in the end you still offered $10 less than the full price. So you lost out over $10. If you wanted the lamp so bad then why not just pay the extra $10? That is the part that I do not understand.

Note that ebay scans messages for people trying to take their sales offline and charges fees when they catch people doing so; that is why the only thing that I could do to give you a better price was direct you here. I could offer a better price here because I would not have to pay the ~10% fee's for using ebay and paypal.

Anyway, sorry that you did not get the lamp.

I apologize for causing you any aggravation or headache.  My problem was not paying the full price, it was  that i could not validate its originality as a brass Mediterranean as I could find no reference or research on it...i am very happy you got ur full asking price and wish u and ur son the best...good luck with ur new home and once again I apologize for any inconvenience.

HI Jared - no hard feelings, regardless.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, busy busy!

Actually I felt bad that it sold on ebay just hours before you posted here.

I am going to refurbish my two black Mediterraneans and if for some reason I decide to sell them; you will be the first to know.

I appreciate the explanation and can see your point of view.

Take care!

Thank you so much.

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