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Hey everyone I would like you all to meet the absolutely stunning more modern, more futuristic than ever before, more beautifully lit with dual lighting options and surely the only one out there like it, built from the ground up using Fantasias original Cosmos design we present to you "The Cosmos 2" Here are a few photos, More to come along with a video later tonight as day time does this lamp NO JUSTICE AT ALL!! Just truly amazing!



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Whoa. That's pretty awesome. Where are you getting the glass sprays?

jmpenny32 said:

This one unfortunately is not for sale, It is currently for my personal collection and is a prototype, I will however be selling these very soon, Here is the link to a short clip of the lamp in action...MESMERIZING IN THE DARK!..  Fantasia COSMOS 2 

"Awesome" isn't enough!

Hi, will you be shipping these lamps worldwide? I live in the UK and if the price is in my budget I would be interested in buying  one. 

Okay this is interesting. Who are you? Do you own the Fantasia name? Is this a business or just a hobby for you? Price?

And to echo Erin... where did you get the glass sprays? I am assuming you are making them. I am sure a lot of people would be interested in buying new sprays for their lamps that are damaged or missing.

Beautiful lamp. I'm also in the UK and would buy one of these lamps in a heart beat. Sign me up when/if you start selling them.

Thank You! I have always been a cars fan, The more interesting part of this lamp I forgot to film and mention, is that the bottom lighting effect has the ability to give a light show to the beat of the music you have going on in the room if you like, pretty cool stuff!
Critter said:

I like this lamp.....and I'm not really a fiber optic fan.  Oh, and I love your choice of music!

Ah ha! That's why you seem familiar! I've seen those for sale. I think I remember you being on here last year.

Well, welcome, again. I wish you the best of luck with your project and I look forward to future updates! 

jmpenny32 said:

I currently make replacement color wheels for the Sunburst 4000 lamps and sell those via ebay as well as I offer a reconditiong service to the black models color wheel. I soon will be having glass wheels cut as some have you have requested more "Originality" in the replacement wheels, consider it done !

 Ive bought the updated color wheel from him and its very  impressive! Gives it many more colors.

I would be interested!

Looks like R2D2's fibre optic cousin.


I'll take two..


It is the Droid I'm looking for.

Wow! Very impressive!

I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.  My father was the inventor of the Fantasia lamps in the 70's.  So big fan for obvious reasons.  Did you ever decide to market your creations?  

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