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(Members Project) Undertaking the building of Fantasia Cosmos 3 "Orbit"

Hey everyone, I am curious to see if any of the members out there would be interested in taking on a fantasia fiber optic build project. You would be building a futuristic version based on the original Fantasia Cosmos lamp. I have built my version of  the Cosmos as to what I think it would have looked like had Fantasia still been around producing lamps today and ended up naming it the Fantasia Cosmos 2.

But after some time has passed and some more thought has been given I think it needs to be taken a step further! Working in lighting design I pride myself on my designs and my unique detail and I have an awesome vision for a version of a Cosmos that would be out of this world! Even better than the Cosmos 2 that I had produced "In my Opinion". My unfortunate issue is whatever I design and build I end up loving so much that I end up wanting to keep it, and I just do not have the room to do this. Of course I could make room...hehehe  

So on that note I would like to invite any interested fiber fans of this forum in hearing and seeing the ideas I have set out for the Fantasia Cosmos 3 "Orbit" and would like to see who would not mind investing both their time and money in the building of this lamp. I will provide you with all the details you will need and all of the resources and people/companies you would need to contact to attain the materials to build the lamp.

The only one requirement that is needed is that you have a Sunburst 4000 lamp that you will not mind giving up to this project. I am not going to lie this is an expensive undertaking but can be done in steps and I assure you that when you are done you will own one of the coolest most beautiful fiber optic lamps ever built :-)

If no one should be interested in doing this I think I may hop on and build it alone, but I wanted to share the wealth so to speak. So let me know what you think!  

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Depending upon the details and cost of the materials, I may be interested. 

Ok I can tell you that you first need a stand or base that will work and these are not cheap, you can have one fabricated but most fabricators I have spoke with will only do custom if you order in quantity. I have a stand in mind that would look really awesome but it runs about $275.00 free shipping. The half acrylic domes need to be custom ordered size specific. I have a company who does this, they are great!, That can run around $300-375 that includes shipping. a few other odds and ends, trim work additional lighting you are looking at another $100-125 and if you already have a Sunburst 4000 base with spray in great condition than you are ready to go. So there is your price tag to get things going. I have made a quick photo shop mock picture of what the lamp could look like using the base I have in mind...of course the picture will do it no justice, only the final product and your imagination is what can take this to the next level. The key is to be different and to think outside of the box!

I think I see where you're going... looks pretty nice!   I have two Sunburst 4000s, both in nice shape.  (I would like different sprays.)   You're right about cost.

My townhouse is pretty small with all the furniture it can hold.  The only extra space I have would accommodate a regular size cosmos.  I'll have think about a possible design.  For me, the original Cosmos looked a bit like an Erector Set.  (A seller on ebay recently posted a Fantasia Cosmos, but withdrew the item days before the auction ended.  I was very tempted to bid.)

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