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today i has build the first part of my micro Lunar.

The next two weeks i cant build more parts.

ready model: high 120mm, diameter 20mm + vertical stabilizer.

From the stabilizer i build only one part, after i build forms of it and pour three from resin.

In the middle i take a acrylic tube. I`m sure it is a nice toy :-)

i think in two month is all ready.

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Man, you're crazy :-)

I can't wait to see the finish product, I'm sure it will be great!

Looking forward too seeing the finished article Gerhard :-) 


the first one is finished! After 32 hours work!

This is the only one which will include a Led. 

The Led- effect is not as good as the picture shows, that`s why the work isn`t worth it.

The next Lunar rockets will be made with violet liquid (resin) instead of glitter liquid.

It took me about 7 hours to finish one micro Lunar - that were quite a few hours more than i thought the work would take.



really cool :-)

Great work!!!

Now go to the Guiness book of record for the smallest Lunar in the world.


Finished resin modell:

That is too cool!

EDIT: I just realized that's what I said last time. LOL But my sentiment remains - freaking cool. 


Please take a picture of it on a real Lunar cone!

Thanks. Really nice!

You should try to make one with lava (clear resin, and include some colored resin inside in the shape of a "!" )


i can test it for looks like clear Liquid and black resin :-)

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