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I finally got lucky! 5 minutes from my house I picked up a 52 oz Midnight Aristocrat for $2.00 with a date code of 2000.

I edited the post after Critter pointed out that this is an Aristocrat…originally I said it was a Century. I kept thinking there was something funny about it, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

It isn't super clear… the flow is maybe a tad boring for me.. after after my success with my Century, I am feeling a bit cavalier. It was only $2 afterall all!

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I have a screw cap century I might be willing to trade for this globe.  It's wax has gone cream colored due to age.  I would like to get a fresh white/blue.  Was going to kit mine but I'm not sure how to go about dying the fluid w/o messing up the flow.

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