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I have two French glitters from the 70s. Both have the exact same bottle - same size, same white cap, colors painted on the bottom. Both lamps are silver. They very easily could have been made from the same manufacturer. Same metal lids and bases.

One has almost all of its fluid, but needs a little top off, the other arrived half empty with glitter that's going clear.

And yes, I know how toxic these are. I know this now firsthand because lamp #2 arrived in a soaked box. :(

I'd like to take the liquid from the half-empty lamp and add to the one that needs a top off. I have smelled both of these lamps and they both smell horrible (LOL), but they smell different. One smells like nail polish remover and one smells like, well, horrible, but slightly different.

Do you think I can combine liquids here? My fear is whatever ate the glitter in the one lamp may do the same if I add it to the "good' lamp.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :)

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What would be a good or bad reaction? I have no idea what I'm looking for. I did take a teaspoon of the half-empty and put it in the mostly full. No problems that I saw, but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Thanks Bohdan.
Thank you for the advice.

When I took a little bit and dropped it into the mostly-full lamp, you could see where the new liquid was added as it was being added - kinda like oil and water, in a way. But it quickly dispersed and there doesn't seem to be any seperation of liquid at all.

I will try your test out tomorrow!
Erin, if your oval lamp gets used for refilling others (if not all the liquid is used, put the rest in a glass jar and seal it tightly) you might try using a gookit or an old 90s Lava brand globe on the oval one. One collector (Bryin, I think) got a rectangular version of that with rectangular windows, missing half the liquid, and with a rare variant - a table lamp socket mounted to the top. He refilled it with a 90s Lava globe, white/pink, and it looks incredible as a lava lamp! The mod pink color really looks great, but a white/blue would be cool too - I have an extra if you want one.
How would I handle the coil if I was going to lava this old glitter lamp?

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