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Hi fellow gooers,

Did anyone else see the recent eBay auction for the really early copper Crestworth Astro? This example was exceptionally early and featured the Mk1 open two-piece base which was painited inside and the very earliest in-line switch. The odd thing apart from the completely ancient and shot original liquid was the very shallow copper cap, much more shallow than even the Mk 1 Astro. Any Crestworth experts on here know about this lamp. It went for a whopping £310 at the auction end. Maybe this exact model was a pre-production model with that very unusual cap. Did anyone here win it?


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As a serious collector I don't think the price is worth it.  You can never get the top off so you're stuck with an old crusty lamp that you cannot even enjoy.  What a serious waste of cash in my opinion. I'd rather save for a lamp that was in better condition or another lamp I can enjoy or re-goo if needed.  PASSSSSS.

my original astro mk 0   all original   i had to drive 300 miles to collect  all original probably one of the best examples around 

Nice piece of lava history you have there.

finding one with the original fill - that's special

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