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MONSTER JET - Project started! - UPDATE: 25. November, Page 2

Hi guys,


i think manny people here allready know that i was planing to build a Monster Jet.

First i wanted to build it out of Aluminium or Stainless Steel. I found out that this would be very expensive. Only the Material would cost ~600 Euro for one Lamp :(


So how can I build this lamp with less money? I thought about that a long time and i found a solution.

I am going to build it out of wood :) So it will not have the Aluminium or chrome finish, but a white Painting will look nice too.

Some parts will be done with wood (in Germany called Multiplex). And the middle Part (whre the bulb is) will be a Stainless steel pipe.


Here is the Progress:


First the Planing.. a little bit CAD :) Lamp will be 840mm Tall at the End.

And here we go...Drilling Circles out of the Multiplex plate:

The Project will take some time, but i hope i will be finished at the end of November :)

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This is amazing. I think this is going to look incredible.
I am not sure about the Colors at the moment. At this time i think i will paint the base and cap in white. The liquid maybe from Mathmos Astro lamps: orange/violet
This looks sweet Marcel! Make sure you keep us updated on this. Is the whole thing going to be made of wood? I would make sure you treat the wood with something so the heat from the light bulb doesn't crack the wood. I've learned this the hard way on my darkside lamp. The top part has cracked and that is from only using six 25 reflector bulbs.

The Part of the bulb will be a Stainless steel pipe.

But the Bottle will sit on wood. Check out this Picture, what do you mean? (brown = wood, pink = steel, blue = bottle, yellow = bulb)

I am not sure, if i should glue the steel pipe to the wood or not...

I don't think you'll have a issue with the cap or the bottom of the base being made from wood because the heat won't be as intense on those parts. But I think the issue will be with the wood your using for the bottle to sit on since it's in a direct path of heat. The wood will dry up over time causing it to crack or split. My custom darkside of the moon lamp did this where the bottles sit. The heat made the wood crack.  It's still functions and hasn't totally broke. But if you plan to make this a LARGE lamp I would be weary about using wood in the path of heat.

Mhhhhh maybe you are right.

But maybe it depends on the kind of wood...

Maybe it does, I have no clue what wood is better for heat but I would think that all wood contains some sort of moisture and over time the wood loses this moisture making it dry and brittle.  And heat applied directed to it would only make it speed up that process. Maybe there's something you can use to coat the wood with that would prevent it from drying or cracking? Or you can just make it completely metal on the inside and cover that with a wood shell so you can maintain the wood look.
I will check some companies for a price to build this part out of aluminium ;)

And if it is too expensive i can just use a metll ring like this:

How big would you choose the space between bulb and the glass Bottle? It is heat resistant Pyrex glass.

A metal ring would be a good idea or anything that is heat resistant and that can hold the weight of the bottle. Not sure on the spacing of bulb and bottom of globe but maybe use you normal jet (or any lava lamp) to get a idea of spacing.

Maybe combining metal and wood rings can be a problem because of different expanding when heated... :/

For the space i think 1-2cm will be fine.

dont know if you have it avail. where you are.. but here you can get metal sheet in rolls..used often in valleys on roof..

this could be used to line wood casing from inside..

and would a wood treatment like a shellac protect wood from drying out?

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