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Seller is crazy!

An Astro Baby for 1300eur, what a joke!

Just because it is related to Madonna.

Good luck to him

Crazy seller page

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sad thing is some fool will probably jump all over it...

I think I can top that - Mathmos released a Beetles lamp, it was given to selected people in the music industry.  it is a standard red / yellow Astrobaby with Beetles engraving on the base.


Mathmos didn't release this Madonna lamp - I think this lamp was probably engraved by the seller to make a fue bucks (which he did).

I guess it's genuine (and cheap) after all.

Check this:


£5000!!! What a joke!

I think you will buy 20 lamps for 65 each.



So what about this Fibre optic lamp then? A little bit pricey too I think....

Same object, same seller, he just lowered the price a little :-)

" Like a Virgin Touched For the Very First Time" ....Today !!!!

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