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I'm cleaning up and downsizing my collection and I have lots of generic bases for lamps, a few more unique ones that I just have grown tired of. Looking to see if anyone was interested in taking them off my hands. Assortment of sizes from 8oz to 52oz. Being sold as a lot only. Total of 11 bases. $50 OBO plus shipping to you takes them all. 

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Here's some pictures of the lot. These are all quite dusty so I apologize. They may also be slightly imperfect. Nothing should be caved in or not working. Most of them will come with bulbs. One of them is missing the switch. 2 of them however have dimming switches installed inline. Most of the caps should all be there. This is kind of a hodgepodge but a great selection of bases none-the less for projects or anything else you can think of. Please, if you have any questions shoot them all my way. 


Doug,   Did you ever sell your bases?    I would be very interested.  I have several orphaned globes.   Wendy

I still have them. 

Doug,    Sent you a friend request.

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