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I'm trying to gather as much information as I can about the Music Box lava lamps. I'd like to ask those who own one a few questions:

1. Does your lamp have one or two music boxes?

2. If your lamp has only one music box, is there a second set of holes in the base? Is the second set of holes covered by a sticker?

3. Does your lamp have a plastic flower ring? If so, is there one music box or two music boxes on your lamp?

4. What color is the globe? I've seen orange/yellow and green/blue combinations.

5. Is there a date sticker under your cap? (tip the globe on an angle and you should be able to see it through the glass).

Thanking you in advance.

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two music boxes

no flower ring

No globe as of yet

Thank you Claude.

     My Music box lamp  has only one music box but a second set of holes. I don't think it had a sticker covering it. The globe looks yellow in yellow liquid. It came with a flower ring. The lava has a flow that I have only seen with my other squiggle type lamps. The lava seems very loose or thin. I don't have the lamp where I can get to it right now; so I can't see under the cap.

     Here is the original discussion for when I got the lamp from the previous site (recovered from the previous oozing goo site before that) all recovered from the Internet Wayback Machine:      




Thanks Scott. I've seen pictures of Music Boxes lamps with:

2 music boxes, no flower ring.

2 music boxes, flower ring.

1 music box, factory sticker over the remaining music box hole, no flower ring.

1 music box, no sticker, flower ring.

The most original looking Music Box lamp I've seen, was a photo of one with 2 music boxes and a flower ring.

I hope that an early brochure with a picture of a Music Box lamp will show up some day.

Finally got around to taking pictures of mine.

(I just grabbed the first Squiggle lamps globe i could find)

With Flash


I wonder how many of these were made? They do seem extremely rare.

What musical tune(s) do they actually play?
Hard to tell.
One much movement is not working and other on sticks.
I have a great friend who owns a jewelry shop.
I will remove both units and send in for repair this week

^^ Claude you must have a huge lava lamp refurb fund lol.

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