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I bought two grandes online from some ebay dealer last year. Both were messed up when I got them, so I poured out the liquid while cool, and added back epsom salts and glycerin with a tiny drop of detergent to result in excellent flow and clarity. It took a few days of trial and error. But they were beautiful for about 6 months.

Last month one of them stopped flowing. When I turn it on it flows about halfway up into an Alien-head then doesn't change. These pix were taken after being on overnight. It stays permanently like this until I turn it off, then the wax settles on the bottom. Exactly the same each time.

Any tips or help? Thanks.

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Wow thats weird. Never seen that before. I had 2 China grandes that were crap too. I was about to just trash them until I ordered one of lava louies kits and was blown away by the flow and clarity. I have photos posted on my homepage of them if you wanna check them out. Check em out.
Try a Bulb extender, it should remedy your problem.

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