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I bought this Century.. it is a bit cloudy but the flow seems real nice and there are no bubbles. I plan on trying what I can to clear it. I am going to cycle first... I may try Loren's method if that doesn't work (the fog juice and glycerin method). I doubt I will take it to the filtration step since I don't want to spend a fortune on a filter... that will be my limit!

I didn't realize until it showed that it has a birthday this month. The cap says March 1974!

I started cycling and only realized after a few hours that the bulb that came with it is 60W. I shut it off and will swap in a 40W.

We shall see!

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That is awesome... Truly a piece of history.

Hey this is kind of a cool older lava lamp.. Not from the 70's but it is a cool Beatles lava lamp!! 


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