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one of the my shelvedself favorites

I am working towards collecting all of the ceramics but funding is always an issue. I got sick of looking for bargains all the time and paid $85 for this (mint) base only. But I'm okay with that.

that was a good price

Claude - yeah I thought so too... like I said,sometimes I try to save a couple bucks and end up empty handed.

Been noticing more and more bases "only" sales on ebay.  Some crazy prices on some and makes me wonder what happened to all the globes to those lonely bases.

It's getting harder to find Icon bases in really good condition as they often get chipped/scratched over the years.

The value of Icon lamps has fallen and I am not sure why?

Their great USA lamps made of ceramic and hand painted so no two are exactly alike.

I remember viewing them as a teenager at Spencer's stores in shopping malls during the early 90's

I did not actually start collecting them until about 10 years ago.

They had an average selling price of $200.00 back then and rarer models sold for as much as $400.

Took me about 6 years to obtain my entire Icon collection - 


Magoo - Good question... likely overheated IMO.

MileHigh - OMFG - my wife thinks that I have a problem... just wait until I show her your collection

LOL, way to throw a fellow gooer under the bus!!  See honey, my addiction is not sooo bad!


LOL,  Milehigh and Claude have it bad! 

It is a pretty good strategy to show your wife other collections that make yours look quaint and innocent.  Of course all

the while you quietly add to yours....this has worked for me for some time now.  Eventually your wife may be like mine 

and decide we need to display them in a way that she feels is aesthetically best.   I simply say “go ahead dear display them as you wish” as I pick up another.   LOL

Critter - too funny... what you said above is exactly how last night played out!

wife said “but look how nice (milehigh) he displayed everything, that’s what we should do...

...while I was buying a ceramic pumpkin off of eBay 

Ha!  See man, it is a strategy that works!  

Milehigh has great lamps and an amazing display of his goodies, no doubt about that!  


Claude has lots of goodies too but his display is in transition....moving is such fun eh Claude?  LOL

Ah, just kidding Claude, we all know that moving sucks!


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