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Hi to all! I joined this forum because info about lamps seems hard to find online and this seems like the best and most knowledgable group of folk on these cool lamps.  Thank you for sharing your expertise.  I actually bought the first lamp probably a decade or more ago on ebay as a gift for my mom, and we've enjoyed it greatly ever since.  Recently I picked up a couple 2000s lamps for cheap and realised how much lower quality they were to the old one.  Both also have a foggy water problem.

So first of all, I believe my vintage lamp is an Aristocrat, going by some ID posts on here, and I have the box but am a little confused since it indicates the lamp should be blue/green, but the lamp looks clear/natural wax color.  I've read the water can fade, but would it go completely clear? Can the wax fade too, or is it a mismatched box?  Whatever the case I really love this particular colour combo.  The wax looks golden when lit up and has a lot of dimension, the snaking flow is amazing and alien to watch.  When warming up the wax erupts from below and shoots little balls just like a volcano, it's mesmerizing.  I'd love to get another lamp like it with the same colours and flow.

In comparison the 00's lamps basically just warms up and moves large round blobs from top to bottom with little variation.  The wax is also a bit translucent so doesn't show as much depth.  Maybe part of the problem is the foggy water, I'd like to try and fix that one day.

  I have a couple questions: 

1.  Anyone know more info on the vintage lamp?  What the color combo is known as?

2.  Can you buy new high quality lamps today that are made as well as the vintage ones, with the active movement?  What brands are best?  Or at least any brands that don't come with foggy water?

Added a couple pics.

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