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I just won the red one so I don't have it yet the sellers photo is the one I have posted here.

The gold lamp is late 60's early 70's and the top cap is stuck tight still tying to get it off without shaking the crap out of it.It is pretty cloudy but otherwise in great shape.I have no clue looking at it weather or not the original liquid was gold or clear and the goo appears to be yellow.

The red lamp has a tag from 1973 on it and appears like it is going to be cloudy as well. I also don't know what color the liquid was, I think the red from the goo is coloring the water.

I want to redo them to as close to the original colors were.I am looking for suggestions as to what color combos would be close to original.I have never had to replace any contents of my lamps before.My last antique lamps were in real good shape before my ex smashed them.So this is all new.Any tips and suggestions would be helpful. Thank you guys 

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Should I get new globes or will someone tell me how to fix it.can anyone guess at what the original colors were by the age or looking at it?
May not end up with the red one bid on it partly cause shipping was listed at$11.68 until close the end then it went up to $19.99 then to $19.27.
ok got the red one on the way...Would a 32 0z or a 20 oz fit on these ?? I really could use the help.
52 oz. only will fit on these. You could filter with an MSR filter. I did my old ones and one cleared up really nicely.

ok thank you almost bought the 32 lol anyone know where to get a 52 ounce globe ? 

and where can you get the filters ? I would like to try filtering at least one of them 

Filters - try Amazon but honestly I think they will both need a water change or maybe a complete globe redo (i.e. goo kit). To get the caps off try a pipe wrench and some tools etc - shaking it wouldent do it any good.

Cloure wise - I think that the yellow was probley yellow and clear and the red also red and clear as it seams as the wax cloure has leaked badly but I cant be too sure as I don't really have much experience with vintage lamps.

Thank you I think redoing might be the best bet, as I can't seem to find a globe over 32oz for sale. this will be my first redo.if I opt for that what's the best formula for the fluid?

I would say go for a Goo kit they seam like a good option and the results are verry good

check out this link for the goo kit - http://stores.ebay.com/Goo-Kits

in addition to this you will need distiled water and a dimmer switch for you goo kited lamps.

Just be careful when redoing lamps. It's easier to make them worse than better. The one thing that's easy to do is filter. There's a filter you can buy on amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/MSR-56425-MiniWorks-EX-Microfilter/dp/B000BBF...


Not everyone has good luck with GooKits (I didn't). Many of us get stuck wax (wax that won't unstick from the glass) and two of mine developed a white fuzzy mold. MOST people have good luck with them however.


I would do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions before opening up these lamps - take it from someone who's wrecked a few. Making your own water is tricky - there are formulas for it on this site, but many have not succeeded. If you're going to try a DIY formula from this site, try it in a mason jar or something first before dumping the contents of your vintage lamps.


Good luck!

Nicole, I have had some success with creating both the lava and liquid from scratch but I would not advise you to go down that path for just two lamps. It's not worth the hassle and frustration of the learning curve for just a couple of lamps. It takes a lot of experimentation with the right equipment and ingredients to get it right and NO you can't rely on the formulas listed on OG because they are not accurate. My advice to you is to replace the contents of those lamps with either new 52oz lamps or use the contents of some older lamps.

PS. The way to get the screw caps off is to hold the caps under very hot running tap water and then get someone with a strong grip to twist them off. The hot water will loosen them up. You should not put any metal tools on the caps because the caps are plastic and will just scratch or crack or worse break the glass.

Yes, this is true. I have cracked two caps this way. :(

Goo Geek said:
You should not put any metal tools on the caps because the caps are plastic and will just scratch or crack or worse break the glass.
lol yea the top is stuck so I can't get to the cap on the gold one.I tried warm water but it just won't budge I don't want to scratch the cap to much to get to the cap on the globe.
Dose anyone know where to grab some 52 ounce globes without having to buy another 52ounce lamp? I see the 20 and 32 ounce replacement ones but never see the 52 ounce.I know they don't have the grande globes but I thought someone offered replacement 52 ounce globe.
I do want to tinker with a goo kit but I might not do it with these 2.I may try the filter but I am worried about getting the fluid right.
I am looking into what else could help make them at least a little less cloudy.I got them at a bargain and still enjoy them as is but still wanting to restore them.They have no scratches or dents otherwise in great shape for their age

I'm not sure where you can get replacement globes. I wouldn't buy anything new from Lava World at this time. I'd check eBay or here: http://www.endoftherainbow-gifts.com/lavalamp.html

The cap will come off eventually. Try unscrewing it while using something rubbery like shelf liner to get a good grip.

To make them less cloudy, you're going to need to filter it. I posted a link in my previous post.

Good luck!

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