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I just won the red one so I don't have it yet the sellers photo is the one I have posted here.

The gold lamp is late 60's early 70's and the top cap is stuck tight still tying to get it off without shaking the crap out of it.It is pretty cloudy but otherwise in great shape.I have no clue looking at it weather or not the original liquid was gold or clear and the goo appears to be yellow.

The red lamp has a tag from 1973 on it and appears like it is going to be cloudy as well. I also don't know what color the liquid was, I think the red from the goo is coloring the water.

I want to redo them to as close to the original colors were.I am looking for suggestions as to what color combos would be close to original.I have never had to replace any contents of my lamps before.My last antique lamps were in real good shape before my ex smashed them.So this is all new.Any tips and suggestions would be helpful. Thank you guys 

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thank you I am going to try and filter them and see how it gos.Thank you for the links.I tried end of the rainbow but the largest globes they have are the 32 ounce.I already have one of those on the way to replace a broken globe.So filtering seems to be my best bet.When i get the extra cash I will buy the filter.I have a couple family members with older ones I am buying from them and at least one of those will need filtering as well.
I love the vintage ones even with all the work.I am hoping they bring back the starlight bases, I really like them..Trying not to get new ones right now as they are arriving cloudy and with problems,The last newer ones I got were from china.I am buying a couple more of the retired blips as they have been the best I found in the smaller lamps for flow and how long the flow lasted..
thank you for the help guys its much appreciated.
Keep us posted and update with pics, too! I love seeing a good lamp get rehabbed. ;)
You could also try cycling. It may work. I received a very cloudy wizard in January and it was better by March. I too have a cloudy century. I dropped it and it is cycling now and is getting better very slowly. Honestly listen to Erin and the others as I am not a wise member I am kind of new to the community.

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