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I have a wizard lamp that needs the plastic stop replaced but I don't know how to take off the cap with damaging it. Also the plastic stop has cracks in it. Is there a place online that I can purchase the cap and plastic stopper? Also what will I need to pull the existing cap and stopper off and put the new stopper and cap on? I would appreciate all suggestions and help on this matter.

P.S The stopper is red but when I tried to get a closeup of lamp it looks white. Lol

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See the link below regarding half of your question.

Lamp Repair by Keith

Hopefully someone else can answer your question regarding the  stopper.

Good Luck!

I hope so thanks

You could always use a cork or rubber "cork". They sell them at most ACE Hardware stores in a variety of sizes.

Just came across these rubber stoppers that might do the trick:


Maybe the orange ones would work.

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