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Hi everyone,

I bought a lava lamp last week and it just came to my house last night. I plugged it up and let it get going and took some pictures. I can’t figure out if it is a Midnight Century or a Midnight Aristocrat or if it’s neither one.  The globe has purple liquid and yellow lava, Looks orange when it’s flowing.  Can someone help me to identify this lava lamp?  Thank you!

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nice lamp you got there! one of my favorite color combos. That is an midnight Aristocrat, and the cap code is dated 2000

Thanks Zach!  Wow!m, 2000 huh. I remember that year because everyone was freaking out about the whole Y2K infrastructure collapse and all that nonsense haha! Yes I agree that it’s a beautiful color combination. I paid $30 for it. Do you know if it is worth what I paid for it?  Either way, it’s a beautiful lamp and I’ll enjoy it regardless.  Would be nice to know If it’s worth anything though. Anyone have any idea?  

Honestly 30 is a steal! That lamp in that condition can easily go on ebay for 100 and up!

Oh wow, I guess I did get a good deal on it. Thank you for taking time to respond to my post Zach!  

Hey no problem! Enjoy your new lamp!  :-)

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