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Apparently, my Wave Machine was too close to a heat vent and the vessel has cracked.  Is there any kind of clear sealant I can use to try to keep it from leaking?

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The fluids will eat thru any kind of silicone sealant. I was able to get gel super glue to work so try that stuff and becareful when applying it.

Thanks, I'll give it a try. 

Does the gel not react with the plastic and create a white haze like some CA glues do with some plastics?

I dont know how it would react to the clear plastic part but the gel super glue seems to be easier to control (longer to dry though) and less likely to spread out like the regular liquid type does. The repair I made was to the black end cap, It does have a whiteness to it but being on the end its not noticeable. What does this crack look like? Ask Hughes for advice.

Agree with dr, You should talk with the hughes wave guy

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