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Hey everybody.  It's been a while since I've posted on here.  Probably a year or two lol.  Anyway, I need some advice on a lamp.  I purchased this lamp from eBay brand new end of August.  It's a USA made Aristocrat and flows beautifully.  Only problem is the seller shipped it sideways during some very HOT weather.  I ran the lamp twice, then let it sit in a cool space for about a month.  I noticed very little improvement and began running it.  I've ran it about 4 times now and it doesn't seem to be clearing up.  

In my past experience, leaving a lamp in a cool place for several months has worked.  I also know that some lamps just never clear up on their own, especially the China lamps.  Does anybody have any advice on what I should do.  I do not want to open the lamp up at all.  I am not experienced with that and have ruined a few nice lamps in the past.  I am thinking of running the globe through the dishwasher a few times to see if that helps.  I know the liquid will get super hot and  the wax will not move.



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May 15, 2002.

Keith said:

Looking  better!

I'm curious about when it was made, can you post a pic of the cap with the codes on it?

Well maybe somebody else can judge... how does the lamp look...

I think it looks better, not as murky at the wide part of the globe.

That's def clearing!!!!

Latest pic...

99.99% clear.  Thanks to everyone.  Patience pays off.

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