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I love my Mathmos lava lamps. The lamps themselves are really good quality, standard bottles too are very good. But ive been bitten on the arse again regarding neo bottles. 

The plastic coating on these is absolutely rubbish. My latest bottle has crate damage, scars, and a multitude of grain like dust trapped between the layers. 

My question is, does anyone know how to remove this plastic coating? I would rather have a standard bottle than these awful coated bottles. 

Any advice would be most welcome. Also anyone elses experiences with these bottles would be most appreciated. I have decided that when I get the time, i am going to take a craft knife to my bottle and score down the moulding scars to see if the evil stuff will come off. I am hoping it is just a laminate and not stuck on. 

When Ive had a go, I will update the page. 

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As far as I know it is a laminated plastic film with glue. Like a shatter protection foil. 

But it should not be a problem to remove it and remove the remaining glue wirh alcohol. 

Good News! Spent a little spare time today with my awful violet pink neo bottle. 

I made a score with a stanley knife under the lower rim and across the molding line. 

It is a little tricky to get hold of at first but lo and behold, once taken hold you can easily remove the coating. 

It is just a simple clear plastic laminate. No glue, so easy peasy.

Now I have a perfect violet pink bottle without all those air bubbles, scraches and trapped particles. 

If you do not have children or are not worried about the shatter proof coating, and have a poorly laminated neo bottle, then give this a try. 

I am going to start work on my yellow orange next which has always been like looking through an old jam jar. 

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