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OK just had a discussion with Susan at LL who assured me "  

There were never any Grande’s made with double coils.  I have checked everything, specs, and production no double coils.



Best regards,


Susan Michaels"

Please post photos of your flipped double coil neon grande that is sealed from the factory !!! Or am I just imagining this ?

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I can provide this video. Just give me a few moments. I have two V1 Heritage Grandes. 

Thank you

Erin said:

I can provide this video. Just give me a few moments. I have two V1 Heritage Grandes. 

Here you be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9JMgk7Imns 
It's on YouTube, so you can share this link with anyone you want. 


Erin said:

Here you be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9JMgk7Imns 
It's on YouTube, so you can share this link with anyone you want. 

I can also take one if you want...there are several pics of mine showing the 2 coils clear as day when they flipped (black flecks included, no extra charge).  Sealed globe.

This denial of the double coil really makes me wonder what LL's relationship is with Huaxing. I thought LL designed and engineered, and Huaxing manufactured. I wonder if LL just tells Huaxing what they want (roughly) and Huaxing does the rest. This incident also seems to show that LL doesn't inspect the product before sending it out. I have said it many times, but it really is time for LL to resume USA manufacturing (at least for the bottles). 

I've had experience dealing with manufacturing a fairly complex product in China and very often you get what they give you no matter how many or how specific the instructions they are given.  As far as inspecting the product goes, doing so would mean opening packaging sealed in China before distribution.  I'm not saying it is impossible to do, just unlikely ever to occur due to time and cost constraints.  Also, with manufacturing occuring offshore, it can be real difficult to fix defective product or provide parts.  Most often the CS fix if employed at all is to simply replace the product (often with an also faulty replacement).  That is the bane of moving manufacturing offshore:  loss of control to consistently provide quality products and service. 

Is the cost savings of manufacturing offshore really worth it in the end when all you do is ruin your reputation (especially with your most devout core customer base) thus losing future sales and then also lose money each time you have to replace or refund due to defective product?  Increasingly, I'd say no but try telling that to the people in charge of so many companies in this country.  I guess MBA's trump common sense.

That said, I've experienced quite a few new China-made Classics recently and they've all worked well in the first few runs.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up in the long run.  But if I had dropped $100 or so on a Grande that didn't work, I'd be ticked too.

With production in China, there's no way they can inspect this stuff. They may have sent a representative over there initially, but it sounds like that's about it. I highly doubt there's any sort of inspection after the product is made. I think that's why LL doesn't know about things like how many coils, etc. I don't even know how much product testing they do BEFORE the lamps are made, either. 

I don't think LL is EVER coming back to the US. I think that dream died when their previous CEO left. As long as production stays in China, I think this is as good as it's going to get. And Lava Lite is apparently OK with that. As customers, we have to decide if *we're* OK with that. 

The problem is they will continue to sell lots of them through Spencer's and make their money and go home.  The company (in the US) will basically be tasked with doing no more than picking colors and sizes and leave the rest up to China. Passion for the quality of the product produced will have gone out the window and a "good enough" attitude will pervade the ranks.  First step on the road to being yet another Wal-Mart product provider with nothing truly interesting to provide to the collector or enthusiast. 

They could learn a thing or seven from Mathmos who, interestingly enough, seems to be doing just fine.

I disagree, i could care less if shes having a bad day because of returns or failed products. I could also care less if they think of me as a "nagging" customer because i spent 200 on lamps + 40$ in shipping to get lamps that flowed good 4 times. I actually HOPE that shes getting fed up and extremely pissed off to the point that just MAYBE someone in that company decides to actually pull their heads out of their ass and at least get the facts straight about what they sell. Im not saying they should all know chemistry but if youre unsure of what a product has (1 or 2 coils) then you should check with someone that DOES know before you go on spouting crap to customers saying that two coils were never ever put in a grande, when i have 5 globes here, 4 with double coils and one without, the one without is the V2 grande.

Brad said:

i don't see anything good coming from proving susan wrong on this besides making us look like even bigger pests than she already thinks we are.  i personally would appreciate people not nagging susan as i try to return products that do not function properly.  it makes things a bit easier and responses a bit nicer  

i actually deleted my post rodrigo because i don't feel like engaging in this argument.  to each their own.

Its no argument, im just saying the replacement they'll send you will flow fine 4 times then do the same thing again. The only real solution would be to try to get them to realize and fix this problem then get replacements that have been revised and fixed.

I dont see the point in getting more replacement lamps that will exhibit the same behavior.

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