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So, I was near a local spencers and decided to drop by and see what's new or not new. Some new lava lamps that are on their website, however, the glitter lamp below is not on spencers website and or lava lamp's website.

The glitter shapes are stars and moons.

I did not buy one as the fluid is purple but if I get an instore coupon code which I do via email sometimes and it's a good discount, maybe I'll give one a shot.

Just an FYI

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That's rather neat! I'll have to go in and check out the display at mine.

Well the good news is since we are approaching holiday time all spencers stores are supposed to double the size of their lava lamp display as that is when they sell the most.

Two of the shops near me have already doubled the width with many more models on display than normal. The bad thing, they only display models they think sell well so some of of the more interesting ones won't be on display.

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